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2 Hosting Packages

2 For 1? Yes! Entrepreneurs always have ideas. You can now try out that idea with another website!

Pro Themes

You may be a good designer but just don't have time or you need a better look... here you go!

Domain Purchases (1yr)

We can purchase your domain if you haven't yet. You'll just have to renew it after one year.

Set Ups Done For You

Changing DNS, installing plugins, email accounts.. if you need us, we're there for you!

Pro Extensions

Wordpress is easy. Using these extensions makes it even easier to have a professional website!

25% Discount for Services

JVWEBPARTNERS offers SEO, Social Media Management, PPC and Facebook Advertising

WordPress Installed

Sometimes, you don't have time to figure it out.. we can do it for you.

Live Help

You have it all figured out but suddenly get stuck with a "How Do You do that?!?!". Just call!

Member Privileges

Once a member, you'll have many advantages and opportunities that are exclusive to our Members!

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Our goal is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are either just starting out with a website or a seasoned pro who knows “how to” but no time. The goal here is to SAVE time AND money and have an amazing professional looking website(s)!





We'll help you choose the best template based on your industry. Your website will be responsive (great looking on PC, Phone, Tablet and other devices).


Email marketing, Facebook or Social Media marketing? We'll help you get started with suggestions of what we use.


Sometimes it comes easy and other times, not! We're here to help you get through the tough spots so you can keep moving on up!


Call us, text us, email us, submit a ticket... whatever you need to do.

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Have you heard of JOINT VENTURES? This is where two or more companies collaborate together and mutually benefit each other through resources and clients. Some of the biggest companies in the world are doing joint ventures all around the world! 

This is how small businesses and entrepreneurs double their growth by sharing skills, resources, clients and much more without merging their companies.

In our opinion, this is the best route to take and now you know what the JV means in JVWEBPARTNERS!

What do we bring to the table? Our 20 plus years of experience with web design, marketing and consultation. We’re trying to make things easy for our fellow entrepreneurs by giving them our help and making friends every step of the way!

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