About Us

Who Is Dean Ponak?

Dean Ponak is an Entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of JVWebPartners.com

JVWEBPARTNERS has produced hundreds of websites for start-ups, small and medium businesses. Dean and his team have helped many entrepreneurs grow their business on-line and would like to help thousands more!

Our Approach

If you’re looking for a cheap website that anyone can do these days, we’re not going to be a good fit for you. Websites have evolved to the point where we’ve re-named website builds as “WEB STATIONS” because of the intricate parts. The design is just the visual part of the iceberg, around 10%. 

Here’s just some of what we do…

  • Flip The Switch On with you and understand what you want ultimately.
  • Customize a BLUEPRINT for you and define everything before starting.
  • Create the funnel and sitemap that will work for your business
  • Generate content and keywords so each page is SEO ready
  • Find the branding, logos, images and videos that work for your image.
  • Lock everything down with the latest SECURITY. Add SSL Certs and essentials
  • Connect/setup other modules like autoresponders and payment gateways
  • Test, Transfer and re-test
  • Launch your WEB STATION and maintain based on your needs.
(try getting someone “overseas” or your kid to do all of this 😉)

Dean Ponak – CEO & founder of JVWEBPARTNERS