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Confused? – Let’s Define The Problem Then Solve It!

Problem? What is It?

One of my favorite images on the internet is a picture of two sign posts. One points one way and says “PROBLEMS”. The other points in the opposite direction and says “SOLUTIONS”. Here is the link to that image.¬† ¬†Many people today want to talk about their problems but not many people want to listen to a solution.

People don’t really know what their problem is. Defining it clearly is difficult so they repeat what others are complaining about. At the end of the day are exhausted that they just want to turn off. It’s easier to grab a beer or glass of wine and sit down in front of the television. This IS NOT a solution.

The solution starts by getting crystal clear on what exactly the problem is. Once somebody is able to define what that is, they’re then able to ask the right questions to people who have the solution for them. For example, how many times have you asked someone for help and the moment they start talking, you make a decision that they aren’t answering you with the right information and so you tune them out.

The truth is, you weren’t clear on asking them EXACTLY what you want. Once you’re able to define what you want, go to an “expert” in that field and see what their response is… I think you’ll be very surprised.

Once you have your new answer, make sure you’re clear and then put this into action right away. If you don’t, things start to get foggy again and you’ll end up right back where you started in a confused state.

At JVWebPartners, our goal is to take every client through the CLARITY process. We want them to understand what exact problem they have and then we show them how we can help them with a step by step solution.

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