Frequently Asked Questions

What does JVWEBPARTNERS mean?

Joint Venture Web Partners – I love creating. I’ve built a number of companies by myself but feel most rewarded when I build something together with others. It really is a joint venture as we discuss your project. You bring your dreams and ideas and I’ll hopefully add to them with my thirty years of life and business experiences and then we’ll make it a reality… I’ll make it work technically and you’ll make it come alive!

Do I need to purchase my domain?

You will need a domain name registered. You can either go to a domain registrar (eg.,, etc.) or you can register a domain name through our company at 

What is hosting?

Hosting is where your website functions from. Imagine if you were to allow the entire world to see your website from your personal computer!?! Think of your website as “the house”, the domain as “the street address” and hosting as “the property”. You can set up hosting with lots of companies (eg. hostgator, godaddy, bluehost, etc.) or you can set up hosting with our company at

(Please note – Don’t go with cheap! You’ll get what you pay for and it will become much more expensive in the long run). Talk to us if you have any more questions here.

How much does a website cost?

Imagine walking onto a car lot and asking “how much does a car cost?” It will depend on lots of things. Our projects start at $2500 so if you’re looking for “cheap” then we’re not going to be a good fit for you.

How long does it take to get a website?

Depending on the size and customization, a standard site typically takes 3 to 4 weeks from start to launch.