How We'll Create Your Project

Turn On The Lights

I'll be asking questions that may not make sense to you but I'll find out everything I can to make your project align with the values, goals and dreams that your company was built on.

Create A Perfect Blueprint

Before we start, we'll complete an actual blueprint that contains a breakdown of our discussions and defines your ultimate reason for what the project is meant to achieve.

Design The Ideal Funnel

I lay out the funnel (there are many!) that will work best for your business. We'll then have a visual sitemap that will be the solid foundation for the project to be built upon.

What Do You Have To Say

Say things better and clearer than your competitors! Make sure your content is tight and direct to the point in a sea of a zillion websites... oh and keywords... your most important weapon.

Time To Brand and Decorate

Let's make sure your branding, logo, theme, fonts and color are in alignment with your message. Images say a thousand words, VIDEO says a million.

Secure and Analyze

In a world of crazy hackers, I install the latest security software along with esential other software that will make your site run smoooothly and fast. It's also when I set up your Google Analytics to track all th traffic you'll soon be getting.

Connect It All Together

Payment gateways, auto mail responders, special software if needed, custom sofware if needed, automation... all the stuff underneath the hood that people won't see.

Test, Transfer, Test some more

After the project is completed on our staging server, I then need to transfer it to our live server and begin testing. This usually takes awhile depending on the size of the project and how much custom work is involved.

T Minus 3, 2, 1...

We'll launch your site on a specific date. Start telling your friends, neighbors, clients, news papers. Extra! Extra! There's a new sheriff in town!