Website Support & Care

Every website and blog that we build for our clients comes with a full 30 day FREE maintenance and care support package.

If you would like to continue after the thirty days, please get in touch with us to discuss options. There’s a lot of things that change fast with website plugins and platforms and when you own a website maintenance package, you’ll never hav to worry about keeping your website or blog current. JVWEBPARNTERS website maintenance team is always here to help.

Here's What's Incuded In Our Website Maintenance Package:

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your website and are notified within minutes if your website ever goes down. If it ever does go down, we’re on it!

Performance Monitoring

Your site is up, but is it as quick as it was last month? Has something behind the scenes broken and it’s causing your site to take longer to load? We run monthly reports to make sure there’s no drop in performance.

Security Monitoring

Internet security has grown to one of the most important things a website can offer its customers. Make sure you’re secure with professional security monitoring.

Priority Email Support

If anything goes wrong, we’re here to help. Our priority email support fosters an open line of communication every step of the way.

Software Updates

Just like the apps on your phone, your website’s software needs to be regularly updated. At CyberOptik, we will take care of all of the necessary software updates you need to keep things running smoothly.

Review & Troubleshoot

During updates, sometimes things don't go as planned, and something breaks. We visually compare your website before and after updates to proactively find and address issues.

Website Backups

We make sure that your website is backed up daily so if anything happens, it’s easy to restore. Backups give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Image Optimization

Enticing websites are filled with captivating imagery, which can sometimes slow down your site. Image optimization helps your site load faster, and in today’s world, the faster, the better.

Database Optimization

We keep an eye on the database that powers your website and clean out any ‘junk’ that may arise or get left behind, to help keep your website performing its best.

Premium Software Licenses

We bring a host of software to help make your website run better, faster, and smoother. We include hundreds of dollars of licenses on websites we build or manage at no extra cost to you.

Premium Video Tutorials

We’re available to help with website edits but we want you to feel empowered to DIY. We install video tutorials to help you make your own edits.

We're here if you need us. Let us help?